The Story


It was in Japan, 2001 that Christian Jensen had his first taste of a vintage gin. A gin martini: carefully prepared, with a complexity and balance that was unmatched by modern-day gins.
It was a revelation that led to a personal collection of 900 bottles of vintage gin, the launch of two acclaimed gins, and the building of a distillery in the heart of London.

Through his research into the golden era of London gin-making, Christian discovered the legacy of gin-making in his neighbourhood, Bermondsey. It was this his first gin, Bermondsey Dry, was named for.
The project was never supposed to be a commercial enterprise. The ambition was simply to make a gin in this lost style, if for nothing more than to make plenty more gin martinis.
Once the word got out however, the bartenders of London began to request more and more of the gin and Bermondsey Gin Limited was born.

Not long afterwards, the finding of a handwritten distiller’s notebook that documented forty years of gin-making inspired a new project, an Old Tom gin.
Countering the idea that Old Toms were sweetened by adding sugar, the recipe’s natural sweetness and rooty, complex hit of botanicals became a cult success with the bartending community.
Ten years on, the ambition remains the same, to make gin as good as can be.

The Gins



Bermondsey Dry

Our Bermondsey Dry is a recreation of a lost style of London Dry gin. Designed to emulate the gins of the early 20th century, it is a more balanced recipe than became common in the latter part of the century. Less juniper centric, it shines a light of the full spectrum of classic gin botanicals, making it the quintessential gin for the classic dry martini.



Old Tom

Although our Old Tom is a faithful reproduction of an 1840s recipe, it is unique on the modern day gin market in that it is unsweetened, and in fact we’ve found historical evidence that this is the most accurate recreation of the Old Toms that were being used in cocktail making in the 1800s. It is rooty, intensely complex and a fantastic base for many a cocktail, as well as making a divine gin & tonic!

The Distillery

Bermondsey distillery is housed in a railway arch beneath the main line from London Bridge station to the south east of England.
The still itself is unique: designed and built to Christian Jensen’s precise specifications by John Dore & Co, one of the original stillmakers, it uses a water jacket to heat the alcohol and botanical mixture.  

Out of sight behind the still is a fully-equipped laboratory where new spirits and infusions are developed and refined.
Located between the Maltby Street and Spa Terminus food markets, the distillery is open on Saturdays for tastings and long drinks. Group tastings and distillery tours can be arranged on request.

The People


Christian Jensen



Christian’s career took him to the top of the finance technology industry, but it was an accidental discovery of the era of vintage gin that fostered a double life as a keen gin maker. When thirteen years ago he settled in Bermondsey the rich history of the area enthralled him and inspired the launch of one of the first of a new wave of small craft gin distillers in the city, and the first new distillery in the area for hundreds of years.

Dr Anne Brock



Anne has worked in hotels and bars around the world. After completing a DPhil in Organic Chemistry at Oxford University, she decided to apply the skills she developed over 7 years spent in a laboratory to the creation of unique spirits and infusions. As Jensen’s distiller, she spends her time researching and developing products and managing the production of Jensen’s gins.

Hannah Lanfear



Before joining Bermondsey gin, Hannah spent a decade at the top of the beverage industry. Having been Head Bartender at Milk & Honey, she then managed prestigious bars such as Bungalow 8 in St Martin’s Lane Hotel, The Hide. She is a member of the Tanqueray Martini Guild, and has written for Class, Imbibe, and currently BarLifeUK and Drinks World Asia.




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Bermondsey Distillery,
55 Stanworth St,
London SE1 3NY,
United Kingdom



Market Days

Open 10am to 4pm on Saturdays for tastings and long drinks

Distillery Tours

Distillery tours can be arranged on request